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The design for this introductory card will be a simple  bouquet - almost like what a child might pick for his mother. 

1. First arrange the flowers  without glue on an extra piece of card stock. 

2.  Move the material around until you reach an arrangement that pleases your eye.   If stems have been removed for pressing, glue to back of flowers.

3.  Try to keep the space between design and the edge of the card about equal all around.

4.  When you are happy with the arrangement, you are ready to transfer the design to the card you will use and then glue in place. 

5. Pick up a flower with tweezers; with a toothpick dot a small amount of glue at its center back  and in one or two places along the stem. 

6. Place the flower in the same relative position on the new card  as it was on the extra card and press down gently with a crumpled tissue. 

7. Continue lifting the material - one piece at a time - gluing sparingly and pressing into place until you have transferred your whole design.

Take a minute to admire your card.

8. Select a good place to sign it with your initials and the date.

                Now you are ready to seal it with protective plastic.

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Pressed Material  Flowers Arranged  Green Material Added 

Pressed Material Flowers Arranged Green  Added
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