Assembled Full Face

1. Select Petals for each row that are about equal in size.  Cut a disc of paper about 1 1/2" in diameter.  At the outer edge of the disc, arrange petals in a circle, overlapping the sides of the petals.  The first row will determine the finished size of the flower; check to determine if it is the desired size before gluing.

FullFaceCarnFirst row.jpg (7416 bytes)

2. To form a second row, glue the base of slightly smaller petals in a circle within the first row.   The number of rows required to fill in the flower will depend on the size of the petals and the finished size of the flower.

FullFaceCarnSecond rows.jpg (7377 bytes)

3. Cut some small triangles to overlap to form the center of the carnation.  


4.   Glue a stem to the back of the carnation, allowing only the base of the calyx to show

FullFaceStemOn.jpg (6428 bytes)

The next page wii show one profile view of assembling a carnation.

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