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Style #1

1. Using a strip of paper about 3/4" wide as backing, glue a row of petals in a curve across the top.  Only a tiny spot of glue at the base of a petal is required.  To shape the petals for either side, make two curved cuts in each of two large petals; discard center pieces.  Keeping face of petals facing up, glue to either side.

carnprof1a.jpg (5967 bytes)

2. Glue two more rows in place.

carnprof1b.jpg (4302 bytes)

3. Tuck in additional trimmed petals as needed to fill out the flower.  Trim sides of backing paper below flower so that calyx will cover it.

carnprof1c.jpg (5026 bytes)

4. Select a calyx and stem.  Trim away sides of calyx as necessary to slim it to scale.   Glue calyx to base of flower with full calyx exposed.

carnprof1d.jpg (8643 bytes)

The next page is a second profile view of assembling a carnation.

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