STYLE   #2

1. Select two large petals.  Make two curved cuts in each as in Style #1.   Glue the cut, curved petals to a paper disc about 1 1/2" in diameter to form the base of a flower.  Arrange all petals face side up.

carnprof2a.jpg (8363 bytes)

2. Fill in center of row with regular petals.  Arrange and glue a curved row of petals with their bases pointing down to form the top of the flower.

carnprof2b.jpg (6746 bytes)

3. Add second row of petals to top half of flower.  Tuck in trimmed petals as necessary to fill in carnation.  Cut away the lower part of a petal; glue it to close in side of the flower.

carnprof2c.jpg (6291 bytes)

4.   Select a slim calyx, or trim one.  Glue it to the back of the flower with only the lower half of the calyx exposed.

3d.jpg (6732 bytes)


Next see the assembling of small carnations for a greeting card.

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