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I have long  loved gardening, flowers and landscape design in particular.  Some of my earliest memories of my mother involve watching her tend her small flower bed, so I credit her with planting the seed of my interest.  But there was no early thought of pressing.

Through blue of summer skies
Red and gold of autumn trees
My mother is a girl of spring
In her garden on her knees.
She pressed my small hands in the soil
"Feel the warmth; ah sunshine!"
And love of the growing world
Flowed through her hands to mine.
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  In the spring of l989 Mary Lou Frost, who conducted summer craft sessions for interested adults in our community, handed me a book, "Pressed Flower Decorations," by Margaret Spencer. She had found it at our local library and asked me if I would read it and give a report to the craft group.  The intent was to discover if there was enough interest to make pressing one of the summer projects.

    Although I was only supposed to be the reporter, I was completely captivated.  Ten years later, I am still learning, still captivated.  Now I press something the year 'round.

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