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   During the past ten years my teachers have been the following:

Author Book Title
Irene Flesher "Pressed Flower Art"
Ruth Voorhees Booke "Pressed Flower Pictures
Celestine Hannemann "Glorious Pressed Flower Projects"
Penny Black "Pressed Flowers"
Margaret Kennedy Scott & Mary Beazley "Making Pressed Flower Pictures"
Mary Beazley "Pressed Flower Pictures
Sylvia Pepper "Pressed Flowercraft"
Joanna Sheen "Pressed Flowers"
Margaret Spencer "Pressed Flower Decorations

I have read and reread their books, absorbing that aspect of flower pressing  in which each excels.  From these very talented people, I have developed my own composite style.

Many of the books from which I have learned are out of print.  Some of the authors are no longer living. Occasionally one can find a used copy, but for the most part, a person who becomes interested in the craft today does not have access to all the resources of these "old masters."  I owe much gratitude to my teachers, and wish to dedicate this electronic effort to them Each has been an inspiration in some way, urging me on in a continuing  adventure of exploration.

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